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Blind Pig


A brilliant collaboration between ITV Creative and the BritBox team, this animation announced the exciting new BritBox Original series 'Our Generation: The Music That Shaped Britain'. In just 2 weeks, Blind Pig were commissioned to produce the TVC, which included all-original illustration, animation and music composition. Through very tightly-knit collaboration, continuous reviews with ITV and BritBox teams and a concise workflow between illustrators, animators and our composer, we turned around the main 30"; as well as the multiple social assets.

Animation Studio - Blind Pig
Animation - Lawrence Scanlon, Niall High
Design + Illustration - Christine Peters, Niall High, Will Smith

Broadcasters - ITV & BBC
Client - BritBox Creative Director - Neill Torbit
Creative / Promo Producer - Jonathan Truin
Senior Campaign Manager - Alex Fleming
Creative Producer - Jurgita Bareikaite
Team Producer - Hazel Heffernan
Motion Graphic Designer - Martin Shannon
Executive Producer - Thierry Levy
Producer - Ollie Ireland Music + Sound Design - Joe Worters


Photoshop, After Effects