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Dream Dome

Jeremy Thomas Webb - AIT - Academy of Interactive Technology

Long Ago, a Mystical Dome like building bursts out of the ground in the middle of the Australian Forest. Over time, the inhabitants discover this building contains magical orbs that can turn children's imagination into solid reality. And over the years, the mysterious building has been granted the title "The Dream Dome" and has made many Kids happy. But all great things come to a end as one day the Dome is nearly empty of orbs. And for One kid named Rudy, it’s a race against the clock to get his paws on a orb before it's too late. Will he make it in time before it’s all gone and will he get to live out the fantasy he so desires?


Benjamin Cole (Head Animator)
Jeremy Thomas Webb (Animator)
Kishan Ramesh (Animator)
John Lomnicki (Animator)
Minh Duc (Bea) Nguyen (Animator) Jessica Sheen (Background and Environment)
Emily Young (Voiceover Artist)
Frantz Kantor (Feedback Mentor)
Adam Moder (Feedback Mentor)
Rory McGrath (Live Action Reference Team Member)
Michael Hardwick (Live Action Reference Team Member)
Kier Axiak (Live Action Reference Team Member)