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Short Film - Student

Sea of Freedom

UTS Animal Logic Academy

Inspired by historical events, this short film tells the story of a young woman escaping communist Vietnam on a boat. Accompanied by her brothers and a family heirloom, she makes her way to Australia to find hope and build a new future for her family. This docu-drama uses real-time animation (Unreal Engine) combined with style transfer technology (Ebsynth) to create a narrative driven short film in the style of Vietnamese silk painting.


Albert Latham / Aleksandra Korinnaja / Andrew (Wen Xin) Pu / Brian Nguyen / Caitlyn Charlin / Catherine Williams / Chris Simon / Edgar Hirai / Eric Kim / Helena Todd / Henley (Heng) Zhao / Irfaan Alam / Jacinta Su / Jasper Goodrich / Jessica Fernandez / John (Tongzhou) Li / Jovan Tomasevic / Keiren Jolly / Lok Sang Ho / Mikhail Singh / Minh Nguyen / Nieminy Nian / Paul Hitchenson / Rafael de Lima / Saif Khan / Samantha Sheppard / Sameer Ahmed / Sean Turner / Tom (Baocheng) Xu / Vicky (Bingxin) Hu

Joseph Shankar


Photoshop, Maya, Substance Painter, Houdini, ZBrush, Kat