Music Video

Soar: A Flame Reborn

Axis Studios


Directed by Marc & Denis Bouyer, Axis Studios created the cinematic music video Soar: A Flame Reborn. Developed with Lilith Games, the music video introduces new characters into the world of the classic mobile RPG, AFK Arena. A story of good overcoming evil, the cinematic piece uses dramatic storytelling and detailed character design to build upon what audiences know about the mobile game. Follow Talene as she meets infant Wilder Sprite Ashtar, who helps to awaken something much more extraordinary in her. The game has always championed artistry and stunning worldbuilding, so it was the perfect partnership to build on our team’s existing talents in stylised productions. More than this, with the game being downloaded over 35 million times, collaborating with Lilith to show the audience both new environments and characters in a refreshing light was something we thrived on. Eighty shots of stunning magic and fantasy animation were delivered, staying true to the game’s 2D nature, whilst also pushing to create a refined expressive aesthetic.


Marc Bouyer, Denis Bouyer, Sean Kelly, Jonathan Blair, Philipp Buschauer, Jake Gumbleton, Adrian Fijalek, Adrien Douay, Ahmed Nasri, Alan MacEachern, Albert Punsich, Alex Toth, Alexis Baudoin, Almudena Guisado, Alvaro Ramirez, Ananda Cansino Aran, Anastasia Shiyankova, Andrea Forner, Andrea Laffont, Berni Bergas, Carlo Kasongo, Carol Canovas, Chris Callow, Chris Ostrowski, Ciaran Dempsey, Csaba Baity, David Svenvall, Davood Moghadami, Didac Ruiz, Dulce Segarra López, Eamonn Grady, Elina Karimova, Emma Nathan, Fiona Lynch, Francesco Quarta, Hamish Mitchell, Harrison Yinfaowei, Iris Muddy, Jeremy Reveniaud, Jesin Roy, Joseph Nickson, Julia Pishtar, Justine Thibault, Kartik Gupta, Kevin Chan, Lara Cores, Laurie Jenkins, Lucie Parola, Lukas Jankovcin, Mailly Boulin, Marco Dotti, Matthew Bilton, Matthieu Petit, Meghan Hamilton, Michal Skrzypiec, Miklos Bencz, Myraim Fourati, Nathan Brown, Navis Binu Mariyadass, Nicole Rothermel, Pauline Voss, Reece Wilson, Rishab Chitoda, Romain Couderette, Rosealee Higgins, Ryan Federman, Ryan Hartmann, Sergey Savvin, Sergio Grana, Shaunagh Edwards, Tamás Sárffi, Thomas Poole, Tom Carney, Tracy Chung, Valentin Perouelle, Viktor Sághy, Vini Tokue, Yannic Kawan, Yuri Muzyria