Music Video

Genesis Owusu ‘Waitin On Ya’



Waitin On Ya visuals, directed by frequent collaborator Riley Blakeway, are equally as frantic, seeing Owusu watch a clip on his phone showing him and a troupe of dancers parade around an office with a large world map. In dream-like sequences, Owusu can also be seen stuck on a small, deserted island by himself. The VFX display crafted by Heckler brought the wild vision of Blakeway and Owusu to the screen.


VFX Crew Animators:
Adrien Girault, Mexence Peillon, Nitin Amin
Other crew:
Riley Blakeway, Genesis Owusu, Ben Fesselet, DIVISION, Alex Bray, Genevieve Triquet, Will Alexander, Coralie Tapper, Lucas Vazquez, Matt Fezz & Maud Chaupis


Cinema 4D, Nuke, Flame, Davinci