Live Event Installations & Projections

Vivid Kids

Spinifex Group


Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Vivid Kids! Children offer us the gift of seeing our world with fresh, open, curious eyes, inspiring new perspectives, connections and solutions.13 young artists projected their imaginative worlds onto one of Sydney's oldest buildings for Vivid Sydney 2023. Guided by the theme of 'endangered species', these budding creatives - ranging from 7-14 years old - collaborated with a team of animators and designers from Spinifex Group to bring their art to life. See anew, as these curious kids share their inspiring visions of our native species and remind us of the importance of ensuring their survival.


Creative Director: Jason French
Lead Animator: Tony Papesh

Executive Producer: Melissa Lee
Technical Director: Roy Christian
Sound Designer: Marcus Lightfoot
Primary Art Teacher, Canberra Grammar School: Jessica Dabro
Arts Director, Blue Gum Community School: Mikki Trail