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Live Event Installations & Projections

The Matter of Painting - Immersive Art Experience by Danny Rose Studio


An immersive Art Experience at the TOL INSIDE Space in Shanghai - China
The Matter of Painting turns the immersive space into a huge canvas where the different forms of painting are explored.
Inspired by the Action Painting movement born in the 1950s in New York City, a veritable renaissance in contemporary art where artists created their works in live performances

The Matter of Painting is designed as an installation-performance in constant transformation, plunging and submerging the visitor in matter and colours.

The music is an original composition written especially for a system of dynamic
sound spatialization on more than 20 independent audio channels.


Conception: Cedric Peri, Lucia Frigola, Sergio Carrubba, Paola Ciucci;
Animators, Vfx: Cedric Peri, Lucia Frigola, Diego Akel

the matter of painting 02