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Live Event Installations & Projections

Eco – Vivid Sydney 2023

The Electric Canvas


Each day, hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders and visitors pass through Central Station, focussed on where they're going, and oblivious to the stories that building and its surrounds might hold.

"Eco" is a visual exploration of the life cycle of nature and how it is inextricably tied to our built world. At the core of this projection story, mapped to the façade and clock tower of Central Station, is the interplay between the natural and constructed environment. Eco’s narrative reflects the locational history and the imagined future of Central Station and the influence that Sydney’s cultural evolution has had on the site across the progression of time.


VFX crew Animators
Art Director and Lead Animator: Ruru Zhuang
Animators: Rebecca George, Gina Quadraccia
Wiradjuri Artist: Joshua Yasserie

Other Crew
Producer: Lauren Clair
Composers: Brendan Woithe, Ryan Grogan
Gadigal Songman: Mat Doyle
Wiradjuri Soprano: Shauntai Batzke
Sound Designer: Declan Diacono
Music Engineer: Cameron Deyell
Technical delivery: The technicians and production staff of The Electric Canvas