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Tall Poppy 3D Billboard, Bourke Street



Heckler teamed up with Thinkerbell, CGU Insurance and The Jim Henson Company to develop Australia’s largest 3D Full Motion Billboard, as part of the innovative and ambitious media campaign to encourage the positive power of ambition and conquer “Tall Poppy Syndrome.” Spread across the grand scale of a six storey screen, the billboard features Poppy breaking through a wall of inhibition to stand tall & wave at the pedestrians along Melbourne's Bourke St.


VFX Crew Animators:
Chris Mayne, Jamie Watson, Tom Corbett, Chris Mayne, Rachel Tedesco, Phillip Wang & Edward Hassan, Bertrand Polivka, Brad Smith, Nitin Amin, Daniel Page
Other crew:
Mark Simpson, Coralie Tapper, Brian Henson, Thinkerbell team


Maya, Nuke, Flame, Premiere