Live Event & Installations

Spirit of Japan - INSIDE Shanghai

Danny Rose Studio


SPIRIT OF JAPAN is a Danny Rose Studio original immersive experience inspired by the extraordinary expressive power and modernity of the masters of Japanese print.
Starting from these marvelous works, Danny Rose Studio has imagined suggestive and poetic visions that invade the space and overwhelm the visitors, creating a dynamic staging, like a journey through different moments, each with its own rhythm and atmosphere
The meticulous work done on the music and sounds design, serve as an essential part of the staging so that the visitors’ experience is truly immersive.
SPIRIT OF JAPAN is more than 400 artworks from 17th to 19th century, curated from 20 museums around the world.
• Katsushika Hokusai
• Kitagawa Utamaro
• Utgawa Kuniyoshi
• Utagawa Hiroshige
• Yoshida Hiroschi
• Kawase Hasui
• Totoya Hokkei
• Kiitsu Suzuki
• Ando Hiroshige
• Musaraki Shikibu
• Tsuchiya Koitsu


Animations direction Cédric Peri, Lucia Frigola
Giorgia Capoccia, Nicola Pratali, Laura Audin


Photoshop, After Effects, Fusion and 3D Studio Max