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Live Event Installations & Projections

Invincible Corals

Plouf Design


Invincible Corals is a 5 mins immersive experience commissioned by Vivid Sydney 2023.

Inspired by a dive through a famed shipwreck, the artist created generative 3D corals that can grow upon any surface they’re projected onto, adapting to their new home — in this case, Vivid House: an immersive 360° experience that can hold 400 people at peak hours, featured in Vivid Sydney 2023.

Engulfing the four walls, these strange, beautiful structures loom large, a testament to their secret might and tenacity even amid warming waters. The experience takes audience through an underwater journey witnessing corals growing, bleaching, and eventually bouncing back in their psychedelic glory.

Invincible Corals hopes to bring the audience a sense of wonder — for all their fragility, coral reefs are powerful too.

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Henry Hu
Destination NSW

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