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House of Naturalia

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House Of NaturaliaHouse of Naturalia by Visual Monkey, commissioned by Barangaroo House for Vivid Sydney 2023. House of Naturalia is an animated light projection that takes the shape and structures of Barangaroo House and existing plants and re-imagines a world in which the plants take over the building, winning the battle against the civilization. House of Naturalia is hope for the future.Green moss snakes down like a carpet, covering the building.

Small green tendrils begin to appear. Slowly they unfurl, opening into new green shoots and leaves begin to grow. Buds appear, gently opening into blossoms of colourful flowers. Nature takes over. Butterflies dart in and out of the flowers. Everywhere you look, there is an explosion of colour, with wildflowers of all shapes and sizes carpeting the landscape. A waterfall grows and cascades down transforming the building into a wall of water. We move below the waterfall to reveal an underwater world full of life and colour. Sunlight filters through the water, illuminating schools of fish taking over the façade.

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Production – Visual Monkey Pty Ltd
Client – Barangaroo House
Creative Director- Andy Noonan
Producer - Melanie Horkan
Design - Anna Fraser / Andy Noonan
3D Animation - Cameron Fernandes / Andy Noonan
Video credit: Destination NSW, Barangaroo House, Sugarbank

3D scan & model - Trevor Coates
Projection - TDC

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