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Endeavour Energy Story Wall

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Endeavour Energy wanted an exciting and innovative way to communicate their vision for the future of energy and their initiatives to employees, partners and other stakeholders, at a series of live events.Working closely with their agency Paper + Spark, we have developed "Story Wall" concept, which brings the subject matter to life as a multi sensory storytelling experience that is unexpected, fun, intriguing and exciting.For the physical installation, we have created a big format mural with printed illustrations that depict the future vision for energy distribution, broken down to a number of "storylines" covering the key areas. This was fabricated as a 6.5 m x 2.5 m high grade plywood wall on a custom truss. The whole setup was designed to be highly portable, as it had to travel to multiple events in a short timeframe, work in big and smaller venues and be installed and uninstalled quickly. We have then overlaid animated clips onto each storyline via projection mapping, augmenting and expanding on the analog media with digital sequences to create an arresting effect, using 2 x UST high luminance projectors morphed.

This required down to single pixel level accuracy, ensuring that the physical and digital elements work together seamlessly without breaking the illusion. But, we did not foresee this to a passive experience only, and wanted our audience to be able to interact with our storylines. To achieve this, we have used innovative capacitive ink technology, which turns the fixed printed media on the wall into a "touch screen" and allowing the audience to tap on the stories they want to know more about.Each tap then triggered the projected contextual animations that augment each key point to expand on the content, and deliver a bit of “surprise and delight” visually and sonically.

The ability to interact with the physical medium had a "magical" effect, many visitors looking at each other in disbelief and truly enjoying the moment, and wanting to interact more. Which in return delivered higher engagement and recall for our client's key messages.The “Story Wall” was designed to be experienced by large groups of people concurrently, while allowing each individual to engage and interact with different parts of it at their own pace. Using smart audio mapping, we have contained the sound FX for each storyline to their close proximity and avoided cacophony despite 10 different clips playing concurrently at most times.The Story Wall was visited by close to a thousand people in three events so far, and more events planned. Beyond the innovation, storytelling and the production qualities that made this project special, we are also proud of the core conceptual thinking behind it; allowing our audience to learn more about the future of electricity by using the electric current in their own bodies as an interaction device!


Melanie Lepage, Mark Rigby, Rob Hughes

Jared Jacobsen, Greg White, Annette Hill