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Live Event Installations & Projections

Callisto Protocol - Inmate Bioprocessing Scan

Rodeo FX


Striking Distance Studios is launching its new video game Callisto Protocol in late 2022. To promote the release of the highly anticipated game, Striking Distance enlisted the help of Liquid Arcade and Rodeo FX to create a blood-curdling experience.The installation consists of placing the visitor in a scan simulation in front of a screen that recreates their silhouette as a skeleton, tracking their every move. From the beginning of the experience, the light flickers and the ambient sound immerses the participant in a horror atmosphere. After a few seconds, a monster emerges in the scene and violently crushes the user's digital silhouette.

The user's silhouette disappears. The monster stays for a second or two looking at the user standing in front of the screen. A heavy metal door closes just before the monster jumps on the user. Cameras film the player's reaction simultaneously. At the end of the experiment, participants receive a video of their reactions to the action that has just taken place.


Julia Nau, Émilie Débiasi, Nicolas Dubé-Pauzé, Yoma Charest, Anthony Lassus, Louis-Martin Duval, Yvon Jardel, Eric Gagnon