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Audi Immersive Experience



The Audi Immersive Experience is a cutting-edge interactive installation developed by Glassworks for Audi.
Audi wanted a stimulating technological innovation on par with their electric sports car, the RS e-tron GT. The team at Xavi’s Lab, the Special Projects division at Glassworks, set out to develop a unique real-time event, where the user could easily interact with the brand and enjoy an emotional experience.

Two gigantic LED screens, of 12 by 4 metres, present naked-eye visual effects, allowing the passers-by to experience an illusion of depth and three-dimensional images, while varying lights and shadows respond to the time of day. The spectators can participate in three minigames involving the showcased car by simply moving their upper bodies, in what’s a highly technological, yet nonintrusive interaction.

The body movement is captured by a small camera and processed by an AI module that converts it into a virtual skeleton and into numbers. These are used as input to create a real-time interaction between user and content. Xavi Tribó, director of the Lab, firmly believes that “Artificial Intelligence can, and should, help us become more human in terms of relationships and connectivity.”
The Audi Immersive Experience was shown for a month in L'illa Diagonal, in Barcelona, during May 2022.


VFX crew Animators
Director, project supervisor: Xavi Tribo
Producer: Clara Titos
Art Director, UE4 Artist: Gabi Garrido
3D Artist: Israel Alonso
UE4 Artist: Aitor Fernandez
Interactive Developer: Joan Guillem Castell Ros-Zanet
Real-time post-process colourist: Dani Granado

Other Crew
CLIENT: Audi Spain


Unreal Engine 4, Maya, ZBrush