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Never Sit Still



Shaype is a global fintech, providing a full suite of powerful and flexible financial services to any business allowing them to buildthem build, test and embed a range of products to meet the changing needs of their customer’s. Our brief was to create a rich 3D world representing Shaype both visually and in motion, with an exciting and engaging approach to what is a complex and dry category.

Building upon Shaype’s simple 2D identity composedcomprised of geometric shapes, we developed an intriguing, high fidelity 3D world, full of intrigue and wonder. A bespoke, abstract machine was built from scratch, with a variety of mechanisms to move, collide and transform spheres within this world, helping to simplify the complexity of Shaype’s financial services offering.



Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Project Lead — Bruno Borio
Concept Design — John Grist
R&D/Animation — Nancy Li
R&D — Craig Stubbs-Race
Producer — Darcy Green


Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift