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We Will Be Monsters

Plastic Wax



Nathan Maddams, Creative Director Tyrone Maddams, Art Director
Wes Adams, Head of Animation
Ferry Taswin, Head of VFX
Dan Horsfall, Head of UE
Matthew Burgess, UE VFX Lead
Dan Loui, CG Supervisor
Aliza Waxman, FX Production Coordinator Sidney Cheng, Visual FX Artist
Dave Frodsham, Visual FX Artist
Xanthe Sheppard, Visual FX Artist Sebastian Du Toit, Visual FX Artist
Levi Trappel, Visual FX Artist
Dusan Marjanovic, Visual FX Artist
Steven Selahi, Visual FX Artist
Thomas Colla, Visual FX Artist
Vee Ng, Visual FX Artist
Alex Osborne, Unreal Lighting Artist
Tyson Butler-Boschma, Unreal Lighting Artist Christopher Hammond, Unreal Lighting Artist Duo Zhang, Unreal Lighting Artist
Nathan Walker, Unreal Lighting Artist Nicholas Bakon, Unreal Lighting Artist

Katie Northwood, Line Producer Rodney Whitham, Senior Producer Mary O’Connell, Production Manager Felix Crawshaw, Executive Producer Tom Phillips, Head of Production Cindy Corson-Airey, VP - Business Roger Maddams, CEO
Terry Mickaiel, COO



Unreal Engine 4.27, MetaHuman, Maya, ZBrush, Houdini, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Shotgrid