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Game Trailer

The Callisto Protocol “Rise, Dead Man" Trailer

Rodeo FX


Video game fans have been waiting for the release of The Callisto Protocol video game for two years... With only two weeks to go before the release of the game, the official trailer has finally been released, so fans… Get excited!The Callisto Protocol, produced by Striking Distance, offers a completely immersive environment on Jupiter’s planet, where horror and a post-apocalyptic environment become one. We used environments and elements from the video game to create this 1.5m live-action trailer, starring Josh Duhamel.

The trailer will be shown in theaters in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.Early on in the process, we were involved with some concepts from the game, which we used to create the trailer. Part of our VFX team flew south to Brazil and Los Angeles to oversee the shoot. The ship crash, spacesuit and prison were created in CG, while the moon environment was designed with matte painting implementations. All the screens in the control room were made in motion design, and the horrifying monster featured in the trailer was also made by our team.We are very happy to present this project that allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of video games. Our teams worked very closely together to create this terrifying and impressive trailer.


Yvon Jardel

Émilie Debiasi, Alexandre Durocher, Etienne Poulin St-Laurent, Felix Vallières, Erik Gagnon, Louis Pare, Daniel Lupien, Philip Harris-Genois, Patrick Beauchamp