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Gotham Knights

Plastic Wax


The Knights are not just sidekicks, replacements, or imitations. They are everything their predecessor taught them and so much more. The Gotham Knights are Gotham’s future.


Nathan Maddams, Creative Director
Tyrone Maddams, Art Director
Tom Phillips, Producer
Alex Littler, Production Manager
Wes Adams, Head of Animation
Luke Sullivan, Animator
Damien Paon, Animator
Shawn Miller, Animator
David Zwierzchaczewski, Animator
Paul Ziola, Animator
Angela Winduss, Animator
Spencer Ford, Animator
Balazs Meszaros, Animator
Mitch Coote, Animator
Cam Ralph, Animator
Ferry Taswin, Head of FX
Sidney Cheng, VFX Artist
Dave Frodsham, VFX Artist
Dusan Marjanovic, VFX Artist
Jurica Krizanic, VFX Artist
Fazil Ahmed, VFX Artist
Thomas Colla, CFX Artist
Suzi Little, CFX Artist
Dan Loui, CG Supervisor
Dean Wood, Head of Assets
Anthony Lever, Asset Artist
Ben Mikhaiel, Asset Artist
Thomas Colla, Asset Artist
Daniel Isaac, Asset Artist
Sebastian Fletcher, Asset Artist
Andrea Paolino, Asset Artist
Joshua Shahinian, Asset Artist
Zarvan Kotwal, Head of Rigging
Kaylee Haptas, Rigger
Debby Sutton, Rigger
Sarah Upfold, Rigger
Atul Shakya, Rigger
Tim Cole, Lead Unreal Lighting
Tom Scior, Unreal Lighting Artist
Nicholas Bakon, Unreal Lighting Artist
Joshua Cole, Unreal Lighting Artist
Ben Maltar, Head of Lighting
Nigel Waddington, Lighting
Owen Gilman, Lighting
Johnathan Izquierdo, Lighting
Dan Loui, Head of Compositing
Nick Bulman, Compositor
Stuart Spoard, Compositor
Rebecca Andrews, Compositor
Mike Holmes, Compositor
Ian Douglass, Compositor
Antony Yee, Lead Editor
Simon Bowis, Editor
Werner Gradwell, Head of Mocap
Matt Painter, Mocap Technician
Eric Pontin, Mocap Technician
Daniel Garnier, Lead Pipeline
Thomas Claxton, Pipeline TD
Mina Reyad, Pipeline TD
Thomas Provan, Pipeline TD

Felix Crawshaw, Executive Producer
Cindy Corson-Airey, VP - Business
Roger Maddams, CEO
Terry Mickaiel, COO
Tom Mayfield, Lead Systems Administrator
Justin Counsell, Systems Administrator
Daniel Robinson, System Administrator


3DSMAX, Redshift; Unreal Engine 5 (Previz only)