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Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: God of ThunderWētā FX’s focus was on the final battle in the Temple of Eternity where Thor and Mighty Thor attempt to rescue the children of Asgard from Gorr the God Butcher and his shadow creatures.The Wētā team created an all-CG temple environment, a cathedral-size closed space clad in veined green marble, complete with gigantic deities from the Marvel universe.

This all serves as the backdrop for a succession of epic shots and part of its eventual destruction. Our teams turned the godlets into an army of mini-Thors, integrating lightning and tesla effects on bodies along with CG replacements of all weapons through a long camera move.

Our roto/paint team created a streamlined delivery followed by our proprietary deep compositing workflow.In addition to all of the environment and FX work, there was a substantial amount of character work including digital double animation, face replacements and other CG augmentation. Mighty Thor’s helm was entirely CG throughout the movie.We also had the pleasure of creating the scene with the screaming goats in New Asgard as well as a short sequence featuring The Guardians of the Galaxy crew fighting hostile robots on a water planet around a disengaged Thor.

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