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Welcome to Slumberland, the world of dreams! An eccentric outlaw is on a mission to help a young girl travel through dreams and flee nightmares, in the hopes of reuniting with her father.

The DNEG team was proud to deliver VFX work on 230 shots over 7 key sequences for the Netflix movie - including complex CG environments, mocap, animation, digidoubles, CG character enhancements and tons of FX! The team also created the spectacular Cuban Hotel Dream sequence, for which they built a completely FX-driven environment, and created animations for over 200 mocap-driven dancers that were ‘made from butterflies’.

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VFX Supervisor: Tristan Myles
VFX Supervisor: Oliver Atherton
CG Supervisor: Eve Levasseur-Marineau
Executive Producer: Janet Yale
VFX Producer: Max Rees