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Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

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In the flashback sequence featuring the Elves’ defeat at the hands of the orc hordes of Morgoth, we simulated rain, explosions and fire.Khazad-dûm stretches 765 metres long and 652 metres deep. Buildings and bridges and more than 1,600 lighting rigs were imported into Katana for each shot. Multiple waterfalls were simulated in Houdini and mineral veins that travel across the whole, environment were generated with new deep tri-planer projection tool built in Nuke.We developed a Warg described as an insane chihuahua trapped inside a 600lb pug.

This terrifying creature was animated by hand. The frozen Waterfall in Forodwaith spans over a kilometre in height and 350 metres across, required multi-layer simulations, including drifting snow and detailed secondary water rivulets. The final look was achieved in Compositing adding shading elements such as mist, foam, aeration and scatter to base simulations.

Galadriel was 2D morphed and motion painted mid-leap from different takes and CG body parts were blended to give the leap a more physical follow-through. The Ice Troll fight at Durnost features several plates, variably retimed with shattering FX elements added as the troll interacts with cave walls. The lightning strikes in the plate required careful frame-by-frame work to integrate all CG elements. This was a very intricate and complicated work that yielded a suspense-filled sequence that had a nice throw-back to the Shelob sequence from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

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