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Cocaine Bear

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Developing Cokey’s character for the outrageous horror-comedy Cocaine Bear, began with a significant amount of animal research, including early motion studies to ensure that even at her most outrageous, our coked-up bear felt as realistic as possible. The team even took learnings from quirky behaviour studies of other animals to give Cokey her unique personality.The team designed, built and animated the giant black bear – from her body and fur, to her teeth, claws and various bloody grooms.

Throughout Cokey’s chaotic rampage to find more drugs, we see four increasingly dishevelled and blood-thirsty looks.One of the many fun sequences on Cocaine Bear was the ambulance chase where Compositing stitched together live-action plates, adding reflections and adjusting timings to transition the shot from green screen to the final plate shot – creating one cohesive sequence. As Cokey causes carnage inside the ambulance, various AOV lighting passes were rendered to aid comp in integrating her under the box’s fluorescent lights.

For Ranger Liz’s cheese-grating demise, the stunt required a combination of a digi-double and plate photography where the team extracted her green-screen facial expressions. Drama shots beneath the waterfall required various element enhancements. From extracting green screens, adding in waterfalls, mist, and spray elements; Comp worked with Digital Matte Painting and Lighting to create a set-up that would intensify the look and feel of wetness on the live-action set. Derived from set geo: UV projected stMaps helped drive various drips, glistening spec highlights, stains and weathering throughout the sequence.

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