Feature Film VFX

DUNE Part 1



Following DNEG’s BAFTA and Oscar-winning VFX work on Blade Runner 2049, we were thrilled to reunite with director Denis Villeneuve to help deliver this remarkable science fiction epic for which DNEG’s VFX team received their 7th Oscar and BAFTA win.Led by Production VFX Supervisor and three-time Oscar winner Paul Lambert, DNEG VFX Supervisors Tristan Myles and Brian Connor the DNEG VFX team contributed to 28 sequences and nearly 1,200 VFX shots of the film’s 1,700 total.Collaborating closely with the special effects (SFX) team on-set, our visual effects crew ensured that all post-production work remained as believable as possible. Each VFX element was designed to heighten the photorealism of Villeneuve’s immersive vision. Massive and meticulously detailed FX simulations, sweeping environments, full-CG vehicles and creatures all helped to bring Dune’s dystopian atmosphere to life on-screen.




3D Equasmartlizer, Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Photoshop and more