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Status of Coral Reefs of the World Report


This video was created for AIMS to help in increasing awareness and understanding of the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program and help drive support for it. The biggest challenge in this animation was to develop a narrative that explained the global importance of the program in a very short amount of time. Having two animations to explain the “How?” and the “Why?” enabled us to focus each narrative enough to be able to bring the key. The client wanted an engaging visual style but with the key instruction that the video would be accessible for Australian and International audiences.Note: Video to be sent on DB link.


Rob McMaster - Storyboard (B/W)Helen He - Storyboard (Colour)Jarryd Clifford - AnimationScott Collins - Sound-mix

Adrian King - Script, concept, & creative directionAbdul-Rahma Faisal - Production Management


Adobe Suite (after affects, photoshop, premier pro)