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Low Emission Technology Australia

Never Sit Still


Low Emission Technology Australia (LETA), are investors in technologies critical to reducing carbon emissions from industry and meeting our international climate commitments. LETA is innovating to connect the way we live today, to a net-zero emissions future. Low emission technologies are part of the solution to unlocking a clean energy future, so a video was needed to explain LETA's mission and the benefits of low emission technologies.

We started with a discovery phase to find the right tone for the illustration style, landing on an approach that utilised visual cues from the 45° angles and rounded corners of the LETA logo. With our defined visual language, we developed storyboards and styleframes before bringing the design to life with motion.


Studio Director - Mike Tosetto
Producer - Sharon Lim, Darcy Green
Art Direction - Ben Walker
R&D - Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Melany Webster, Nancy Li, Jess Fogarty
Illustration - Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Melany Webster, Mulanne Phan, Jess Fogarty
Animation - Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Melany Webster, Nancy Li, Mulanne Phan, Jess Fogarty
Sound Design - Smith & Western


Adobe After Effects