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IUIH Junior Tobacco Education Program


Smokey Joe the Neighbour was written by Brisbane-based creative agency Redsuit and produced by animation specialists, Ruckus Studio.

Featuring the voice-over talents of Deadly Choices Ambassadors, Australian rugby league legend Steve Renouf and national female touch player, Bo de la Cruz; along with local public health sector specialist Sethy Willie, the series is informative as much as it is entertaining.

Created as the major resource material for the all-new Deadly Choices Junior Tobacco Education Program, Smokey Joe the Neighbour will be delivered through the Queensland Government funded Healthy Lifestyle Program, before being rolled out nationally later in the year.

With the script and visual language as our starting point, we concepted and developed the storyboards, style-frames and animation to create an informative and emotive 90 second video, explaining the benefits of using the Etta platform for global travel.


Animators: Ricky Marks, Tom Ward, Matt Dye.
Audio: The Voice Plant
Ad Agency: Redsuit Advertsing


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