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Building Coral Reef Resistance

Redboat Animation

This video was created for The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and is focused around Resilience Based Management or RBM. RBM is a key tool in supporting the health and wellbeing of the coral reefs. Not only in Australian waters, but across the planet. By using RBM, issues such as coral bleaching, over fishing and pollution can be stopped or at the very least - well managed.To reach audiences across Australia and beyond, we created a bright, engaging and friendly piece. The aim was that it would engage with with decision makers in government, communities and business to make positive changes for our reefs. Also, to support the Department in its ongoing works with partners to ensure that our reefs are healthy, well into the future. This video was used as part of a recent ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative) event and was received well by its members. The video continues to be used to target specific audience demographics within the marine wildlife community.