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ACT Planning System Review


This 4 minute video showcases the ACT Planning System Review. It was important that the video would engage with the public and encourage the community to give their opinions. The video was to be Canberra centric and use familiar visuals that would be relatable to a local audience. There is a smattering of familiar Canberra landmarks and environments throughout the piece to help create a familiarity for ACT residents. We also produced a 60 second, 30 second and 2x 15 second cut downs for social media.Note: Video to be sent via dropbox link


Ivan Ramirez - Animator
Adrian King - Script, concept, & creative directionTom Hughes - Script, concept, & creative directionAbdul-Rahman Faisal - Project ManagementRob McMaster - Storyboard (B/W)Yi fu - Illustration (Background)Lily Lin - Illustration (Foreground)Scott Collins - Sound-mix


Adobe Suite (after affects, photoshop, premier pro)