Corporate Video


Never Sit Still



Oculus is on a mission to prove the true value of VR and expand our perspective in the real world. With a recent rebrand with the intent to move VR away from an unknown futuristic world to a bright, accessible way for people to enhance their everyday life.

We worked closely with the studio responsible for the new visual identity to bring the brand to life in motion. With so much great content of VR games and VR content provided to us, our task was to animate a motion system that would support and complement Oculus’ exhilarating content.


Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Brand Agency — Moniker
Design — Moniker
R&D — Melissa Mai, Zoe Crocker, Bruno Borio
Motion — Melissa Mai
3D Animation — Bruno Borio
Producer — Sharon Lim
Sound design — Smith & Western


Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift