Corporate Video

Black Ice, On Running



‘Black Ice’ is a 10-minute documentary for Swiss sports brand On Running, telling the story of the first black male Skeleton athlete in Olympic history, Akwasi Frimpong in the form of a graphic novel. Developed over six months and filmed across Europe and Africa, ‘Black Ice’ brings the pages of a comic book to life through the eyes of the children it aims to inspire. The film portrays the athlete’s strength and determination in the face of lifelong adversity by transforming him into a real-life superhero: Black Ice. Pieced together over 6 time zones, this film took production to the next level of remote magic.


VFX Crew Animators:
Brett McManus
Other crew:
Akwasi Frimpong, HungryMan, Heckler, Richard Bullock, Matt Buels, Hannah Stone, Brett Mcmanus, Dean Mortensen, Jack Beardsley, Theo Tennant, Devin Toselli, Andrew Holmes, Coralie Tapper, Will Alexander, Maud Chapuis. Daniel Page, Fergus Rotherham, Heckler Sound, Dave Robertson, Dustin Lau, Bonnie Law.


AE, Premiere, Flame, Davinci