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Toyota 'Never Stop'



The objective was to tell the story of Alexa Moreno’s life growing up in Mexico and the challenges faced while training as a gymnast, weaving in pivotal life moments within one continuous shot showcasing her growth and evolution as an athlete. The director wanted to show wide shots of entire plazas tilting, with the angle being clearly visible via the sliding environments in reaction to gravity.

Careful planning was key to a successful execution of the concept. The director is well-known for his desire to create seamless “oners;” commercials that live without a visible cut for their entire duration. He also wanted the audience to witness Alexa growing up from a baby to her current age, evolving with every second that passed. It was crucial to not only have key elements constantly visualizing the tilt, but shoot them separately so that they would display the correct gravity vector. The entire piece was brought to life with the help of compositing magic, with the team involved from technical consultation and on-set supervision, shot execution and post to seamlessly transitions each angle and environment to create a believable tilted world -- impossible to shoot in camera.

The team enhanced the tone of the film through set extensions, CG renders, period double cosmetic augmentation, tilt simulations and data capture via 3D scans.

Previsualisation based on laser-scans of the locations allowed for accurate timing and transition points prior to the shoot, used to drive the high-speed motion control camera on set. Multiple “vignettes” (elements that clearly show the tilt of the world) were then isolated and shot separately with the same camera, so they could be composited back into the location footage with the correct angle.


Post Production: Framestore
VFX Supervisor: Michael Ralla
VFX Producers: Anna Borysewicz, James Alexander, Katie Buckley
Production Coordinators: Emily Rawl, James Gemmell, Christine Lawless
2D Supervisor: Alejandro Villabon
2D Nuke Compositors: Alexander Osvaldsson, Paul Krist, BeeJin Tan, Euna Kho, Jhih Hong Ciou, Josh Guillaume, Peter Timberlake
CG Lead: Richard Shallcross
CG Artists: Kaho Horiuchi, Kevin Gillen, Kira Yu, Kui Han Lee, Cosku Ozdemir, Sean Dollins, Soren Barton, Vladislav Tushevskiy, Yarim Machado
Flame Artists: Marguerite Cargill, Gretchen Capatan, Humberto Reynaga, Carlos A. Gomez

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Costa
Creative Directors: Kamil Kowalczyk, Shravan Hegde
Agency Producer: Robert Samuel
Production: Radical
Director: Dave Meyers
Radical Executive Producer: Jim Bouvet
Edit: Cabin


Maya, Nuke, Flame, Houdini, 3DE