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Commercials - VFX

Toyota, GR Corolla: Metalmorphosis. Made Untamed



Toyota’s first-ever GR Corolla pushes the limits of power and performance. So, to launch it, we pushed the limits of film-making with a 2-minute spot, which merged camera, car, cinematography and stunt driving to tell the history of GR Racing through animation captured live in camera culminating in an explosive film.

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VFX Supervisor: Tom Corbett
3D Previsualisation: Edward Hassan
Compositors: Brad Smith & Soren Dyne

Client: Toyota
Agency: HEROP
roduction Company: Scoundrel
Director: Toby Pike
DOP: Stefan Duscio
Post Production: Heckler
Lead Editor: Andrew Holmes
Post Producer: Coralie Tapper
Executive Post Producer: Carlos Zalapa
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Online Artist: Brad Smith
Editor: Andrew Holmes
Animation Studio: Mighty Nice
Sound Design & Music: Squeaky CleanMedia
Agency: Spark