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SHISEIDO – Chinese New Year



As 2022 welcomes in the Lunar New Year, animation studio Juice partnered with Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido to bring to life the magic of the forest and sparkle of the Year of the Tiger.To bring this world to life, Juice’s team spent time building an entire forest from the ground up, researching the movement of lions, panthers, and intricacies of tigers, as well as ensuring they brought a magical sparkle to the celebratory piece. The spot captures the contrast of the dark green forest with the protagonist’s red dress and the bright, unmistakable tiger that comes to life before our eyes.Commercial features Chinese actress Liu Yifei (you know her from Disney’s Mulan).


Post-production: JuiceManaging Director Juice Shanghai: Simon AstburyHead of CG: Tomasz DyrdułaCG Supervisor: Krystian DulnikHead of Production: Maciek Gołębiowski Producer: Olga RabieckaArt Director: Wojciech MagierskiAnimation Lead: Tomasz WoroniakCompositing Lead: Szymon JaskułaAsset Lead: Mieszko ŁacińskiLighting & Render Lead: Andrzej SykutGrooming Lead: Jarosław HandrysikOn-set Supervisor: Patrick FirmansyahOn-set Supervisor Support: Paweł Białowąs R&D Artists: Andrzej Sykut, Paweł BiałowąsConcept & Mattepaint Artists: Wojciech Magierski, Przemysław Nawrocki, Wojciech Pijecki, Mateusz MichalskiAsset Artists: Maciej Jasiński, Kacper Kyc, Kateryna Vasylenko, Łukasz Podwysocki, Miłosz Cieślikowski-RyczkoRigging Artists: Michał Walkowski, Tymoteusz JurasAnimation Artists: Kamila Pazgan, Zuzanna Suska, Paweł Żugaj, Michał Walkowski, Tymoteusz JurasFX Artists: Wojciech Magierski, Kamil KryńskiLighting & Rendering Artists: Jarosław Handrysik, Łukasz Walicki, Tomasz Gugała, Karol PróbaCompositing Artists: Paweł Białowąs, Selim SykutData Wrangling & Conforming: Grzegorz KapelczakPost-production Support: Production Root VFX

Client: ShiseidoAgency: Red WasabiDirector: Wang Limin DOP: Xi BinEdit: Xi YanxiangProduction: MODMusic: Audioforce


Maya, Houdini, Arnold, Redshift, Nuke, DaVinci Resolve