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Sea World - Leviathan



Rising from the depths of The New Atlantis, only the bravest will conquer the mighty Leviathan. Heckler was thrilled to collaborate with Village Roadshow to promote the exhilarating new Sea World ride. Seamlessly integrating live-action footage with visual effects, Heckler loved playing their part in bringing the Leviathan to life.

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Head of VFX: Tom Corbett
3D Artists: Rachael Tedesco, Philip Wang, Ed Hassan, Kate Kerrigan, Nick Kaloterakis
Houdini Artists: Dusan Marjonovic, Octavio De Lellis

Head of Production: Amy Jarman
Lead Compositor: Bertrand Polivka
Compositor: Nitin Amin
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Edit Assist: Daniel Page