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Mugler - Angel Elixir

The Mill


More than 30 years after its original release, the iconic Angel perfume by Mugler is back with Angel Elixir. This new fragrance is presented as a boundless one between heaven and earth, lighting women from within. This time, the iconic blue star-shaped bottle is embodied by Hunter Schaefer, known for her role in the highly acclaimed series, "Euphoria". She embodies a new kind of femininity, more powerful, dazzling and boundless.
Our studio took care of the final shots - especially the FX crystal dress. The challenge was to create a dress up to Mugler's standards, so Creative Director Casey Cadwallader, came in our office to craft the FX dress with our artists.


VFX Studio : The Mill Paris

Executive Producer : Claire Garraud, Cécile Hubin
VFX Producer : Benjamin Cathala
VFX Supervisor : Alexis Baillia
CG Supervisor : William Untereiner
Shoot Supervisor : Patrick Bennar
Modeling & Environnement : Arnaud Prat
Rigging : Marine Sisnaki
Animation : Ludovic Martin
FX : Benjamin Lenfant, William Untereiner, Léon Rousseau
Lighting : Morgan Sagel, Mathias Barday, Richard Rampaly
Compositing : Morgan Sagel, Arthur Sayanoff, Jeremie Bouvier, Eric Lemains, Florian Velasco, Mathias Barday, Richard Rampaly
Flame : Alexis Baillia, Aurélien Teurlai
Colourist : Arthur Paux

Agency : Publicis Luxe
Production : Division
Director : Quentin Deronzier