Commercials - VFX




Taking us on a journey from the cabin of a sleek Mercedes, then transitioning the viewer into an abstract space, gracefully moving through compelling vignettes that build towards a clear vision of purchasing your new vehicle online. We represented this journey through particles and visual metaphors pushing forward through simulations, textures, light, shadow and forms as we bring a story to life. The particles are the catalyst of the journey, conveying a sense of elegance and luxury, supporting the Mercedes Benz experience. The particles would organically flow through a range of forms and behaviours, mimicking movements in nature, affected by gravity. For example, a flock of birds, swarms of fish, elegant gusts of wind.


VFX Crew Animators:
Peter Herbert, Jack Scrase
Other crew:
Tom Corbett, Bertrand Polivka, Maxence Peillon, Daniel Page, Edward Hassan, Philip Wang, Nitin Amin


Houdini, Nuke, Maya