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Lexus - Parking Spot



Reprising his role of Kingo from Marvel’s upcoming film, Eternals, actor Kumail Nanjiani jumps into the driver’s seat of a Lexus IS 500 to showcase a level of action and adventure fit only for a film sequence -- all in a challenge to find the perfect parking spot.Involved from the earliest stages of the planning process, the VFX team collaborated with the creative agency and directors to bring the cinematic sequence, complete with Marvel storyline “Easter eggs,” to life.Beginning with multiple units of shoot supervision, the team blocked out the effects distribution and destruction narrative throughout the sequence, inclusive of previsualization for key moments. Extensive scanning of the shoot location streets and parking garage allowed the directors freedom of coverage to leverage reprojection of previously shot running footage in addition to the option of full CG workflows.Once the edit was locked, VFX teams focused on extensive environment work and CG vehicle requirements. They also added extensive matte paintings and countless CG and practical effects elements to build out and enhance the various destruction scenes that Kingo drives through. Additional Eternals characters were also added in post with the team’s signature effects, including Ikaris and Makkari, along with sky replacements to reveal the core of the battle.


Post Production: FramestoreVFX Supervisor: Michael RallaVFX Producers: Anna Borysewicz, James Alexander, Katie BuckleyProduction Coordinators: Emily Rawl, James Gemmell, Christine Lawless2D Supervisor: Alejandro Villabon2D Nuke Compositors: Alexander Osvaldsson, Paul Krist, BeeJin Tan, Euna Kho, Jhih Hong Ciou, Josh Guillaume, Peter TimberlakeCG Lead: Richard ShallcrossCG Artists: Kaho Horiuchi, Kevin Gillen, Kira Yu, Kui Han Lee, Cosku Ozdemir, Sean Dollins, Soren Barton, Vladislav Tushevskiy, Yarim MachadoFlame Artists: Marguerite Cargill, Gretchen Capatan, Humberto Reynaga, Carlos A. Gomez

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Los AngelesExecutive Creative Director: Fabio Costa Creative Directors: Kamil Kowalczyk, Shravan Hegde Agency Producer: Robert Samuel Production: RadicalDirector: Dave MeyersRadical Executive Producer: Jim Bouvet Edit: Cabin


Maya, Nuke, Flame, Houdini, 3DE