Commercials - VFX

James Squire



James Squire, a charismatic outlaw, is sent to Penal Colonies in New South Wales. Once in Australia, he was caught stealing hops and is punished with 150 lashes, inspiring the modern brand’s beer of the same name. Eventually he becomes a successful brewer and member of the early settler community. Through our VFX approach, we were able to recreate the worlds of London and Sydney as they had existed in the 1700s. We made extensive use of background replacement to remove traces of modernity. The opening scene was shot in Hobart, Australia - and the location was digitally extended using 3D buildings and matte paintings. Digital extras populate the background.
For the horseback chase sequence, the background was removed and a London matte painting added in post. The last scene features a 3 camera stitch. Camera 1 is the beer pour; Camera 2, the courtyard; and Camera 3, the dinner scene. This required precise camera movement on-set to overlap each plate. We rigged Camera 1 onto rails out the window, to take over with a crane (Camera 2), which overlaps into a handheld cam (Camera 3). In post-production, each  shot was tracked, stabilised, and stitched, creating one seamless sequence.
Executive Creative Director - Andy Dilallo (Milk & Honey United)
Agency Producer - Monique Pardavi (Milk & Honey United)
Director - Justin McMillan (Fortress Films)
DOP - Ian Butterworth (Fortress Films)
Producer - Ian Kenny (Fortress Films)
Second Unit DOP - Joshua Lamont (Fortress Films)
Editor - Bernard Garry (The Editors)
VFX Supervisor / Flame Artist - Jesse Meha (Alt.VFX)
Executive Producer - Tyrone Estephan (Alt.VFX)
Post Producer - Martina Joison (Alt.VFX)
Computer Artist - Sam Lee (Alt.VFX)
Computer Artist - Jordan Mcinnes (Alt.VFX)
Computer Artist - Adam Wong (Alt.VFX)
Computer Artist - David Chen (Alt.VFX)
Animator - Chris Rentoul (Alt.VFX)
Animator - Ben Beaumont (Alt.VFX)
Compositor - Matthew Chance (Alt.VFX)
Compostor - Trent Adamczyk (Alt.VFX)