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Cartier – Tank

The Mill


The Cartier Tank watch created in 1996 is coming back 27 years later to the wrists of the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve and actor Rami Malek. Cartier wanted to highlight that even if times change, elegance remains intact. We had to recreate Catherine Deneuve in 8 shots in 4 different periods of her life to show that even if times change, elegance remains timeless. The 4 periods were targeted: at her 20 y.o during the movie "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg", at her 40 y.o in the 80s, at her 49 y.o during the movie "Indochine" and finally at her 54 y.o during "Place Vendôme".

After participating in the selection of the cast, the makeup, the wigs positioning, we made 4 different deepfakes inspired by her filmography. We developed a specific pipe for the AI to feed on the CG and vice versa.


VFX Studio : The Mill Paris

Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini, Claire Garraud
VFX Producer: Stéphanie Mollet
VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Pivron
CG Supervisor: Mathias Barday
Editing: Nicolas Larrouquère
Grading: Jean-Clément Soret (Company 3)
Concept: Nathan Lucas, Alain Descamps
Modeling & Environnement: Mehdi Rami
Matte Painting: Fabien Barrau, Sergey Likharyev
Generalist: Adrien Borzakian
Keen tools: Tytouan Botte
FX: David Roubah
Lighting: Valentin Lesueur
AI: Yanis - French Faker
Compositing: Eric Lemains Guillaume Poueymarie
Flame: Stéphane Pivron, Damien Canameras, Aurélien Teurlai, Valentin Gingembre, Sébastien Kremer, Damien Peiro, Franck Lambertz
Motion graphics: Agathe Sayegh

Director : Guy Ritchie (Reset)
Agency : Publicis Luxe
Production : Soixante Quinze X Reset:
Producer: Emmanuel Guiraud, Dave Morisson, Annabelle Fournier
Post producer: Anne Segrettin