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Carlsberg - Chamber of Secrets


Mads Mikkelsen opens the Chamber of Secrets in this captivating Carlsberg commercial. From a secret lab to a post-apocalyptic barley field, Glassworks was instrumental in helping build and seamlessly integrating the various scenes and environments presented by director Miguel Campaña in this fast-paced commercial.

One of the highlights of our collaboration was developing the subtle details that give the campaign its strong identity: the friendly farmer robots, the statue of Mikkelsen digitally carved by our 3D team, or the Chamber itself, reminiscent of the old Carlsberg brewery with its magnificent elephant sculptures.
Filmed across three breathtaking locations in Barcelona – the MNAC museum, the Rondel cellars, and the Hotel Casa Bonay – the on-set supervision and VFX integration were essential to seamlessly unite these very distinct scenes into a captivating and cohesive commercial.


VFX crew Animators
Lead 3D: Javi Verdugo
3D Artists: Marco Rossi, Kiko Navarro, JJ Palomo, Abner Marin, Kornel Makarowitcz, Hugo Garcia, Simon Glass, Huhaa, Igor Gouziev, Taio Prince
Lead 2D: Albert Garcia
2D Artists: Edu Sanjosé, Ruben Llusià, Seif Boutella, Irene Navarro, Juan Hernández
IT: Washington Neira
Producers: Meri Losada, Xavi Gonzalez
Production Coordinators: Celeste Lozano, Anna Gispert

Other Crew
AGENCY: Uncle Grey
DIRECTOR: Miguel Campaña
DOP: Oscar Faura
ART DIRECTOR: Anna Colomer
COLOURIST: Pana Argueta