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Bringing Great Value To The Table



Freefolk created 81 assets for the Ocado Campaign ' Bringing Great Value To The Table', directed by Chris Balmond.

Matt Fisher, 3D Lead describes some of the challenges involved in creating the magical ever-extending table and its contents, "We had to create a single table rig that accommodated all the controls we needed from navigating corners, climbing stairs down to fine-grain noise and flex. The rig needed to be procedurally generated as the table length varied from shot to shot. Product placement required us to avoid repetition whilst filling the table with the available assets, doing this for every shot needed a procedural start with manual refinement. All this needed to be integrated into the procedurally generated table rig and inherit/react to motion."

Andy Copping, Flame Artists says 'The 2D work in this spot was used to complement the 3D, this involved, creating fake 2D van doors with movement and shadows, along with comping in the interactions with the real-life world, such as plant/picture-frame movement.'

The two main close-up product shots were shot on a shaking table that wasn't moving. We did this so we would have scope to allow the product scenes to take place in different environments if needed. With the interaction shots, such as the stairs shot, we had to use a real product in the scene, and then have that placed as a tracked card along with the movement of the table until the real hand grab of the toilet roll happened.

The main comping of the 3D into the 2D was fairly seamless, we worked closely across departments to ensure a great final look.


Post Producer - Laura Ricketts
Grade - Holly Greig
VFX Shoot Supervisor - Jason Watts
Flame - Andy Copping, James Adamson
Nuke - Rob Sheridan, Cam Shanks
3D Lead - Harin Hirani, Matt Fisher, Fadjr Mehiris
3D - Lewys Rhodes, Nelson Barros, Kyra Nate-Collen, Luke Evans, Daniel Evans

Director - Chris Balmond
Agency - St Lukes
Production Company - Outsider
CCO - Al Young
CD - Julian Vizard
Creative - Jo Boyle, Hannah Talbut
Producer - Jenny Busby
Production Producer - John Madsen
DOP - Will Bex
Edit - Suzy Davis/ Final Cut
Sound - Ben Leeves / Jungle Studios


Flame, Nuke, Houdini, Maya