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Barilla Al Bronzo - Pasta is Born Again



Galaxies swirling into pasta on a plate. Parmesan raining down like meteors. Olive oil dropping into the void... This experimental juxtaposition is at the heart of the launch campaign for Barilla's Al Bronzo pasta.
Under the slogan ‘Pasta is born again’, director Philippe André introduces a stunning Big Bang of flavour, bringing a new pasta dimension to tables around the world. The creativity escalates in a climax on the notes of Léo Delibes’ Lakmé opera, chosen to celebrate the fresh new start for a pasta that reawakens senses, memories, and emotions.
The client wanted an epic, cinematic ad, based around an enigmatic mystery, where the viewer wouldn’t know for a while what the ad was for, with food often visible only through experimental juxtaposition before the final reveal towards the end. The key brief – stand out and be unique in the food advertising space.
Making a connection between the real pasta and the space pasta was one of the main creative challenges for the Glassworks VFX team. The pasta and the seasoning had to look beautiful and realistic in outer space, and this was not an easy feat. It was especially important to find the right movement, speed, scale and lighting for all the elements.
After thorough testing with director Philippe André in the pre-production phase, it was decided to use a mix of 3D, 2D and in-camera work to create the visuals. CGI pasta fields and celestial bodies feature alongside real-life water and colourful clouds, all blended in with cosmic 2D backgrounds and 3D textures.
Colour, backgrounds, and lighting all had to be coherent in this abstract scenario. Lighting, for example, was carefully studied to achieve the right balance between space light (strong and directional) and flattering product light.


VFX crew Animators
Creative Director & Project Lead / Flame Lead: Duncan Malcolm
Flame: Urs Furrer, Ruben Lluis, Kyle Obley
3D Lead: Julian Johnson
3D: Stephan Haidacher, Sebastian Mayer, Georgios Papaioannou
Producer: Roman Lukyanov

Other Crew

Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
CCO Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini
CCO Publicis Italy: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Global Executive Creative Director: Riccardo Fregoso
Global Executive Creative Director: Selim Unlusoy
Creative Director / Copywriter: Michela Talamona
Creative Director / Art Director: Fabrizio Tamagni
Art director: Francesca Nepote
Senior Copywriter: Giuseppina Iaccarino
Digital Art Director: Thomas Aito
Digital Copywriter: Margherita Teodori
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Bela Ziemann
Head of Strategy: Niccolò Rigo
Senior Strategist: Margherita Tuvo
Global Client Service Director: Simona Coletta
Groupe Client Service Director: Federica Papetti
Group Account Director: Arianna Di Marco
Account Manager: Dario Gambera
Account Manager: Elena Minciotti
Social Media Manager: Nicolò Russo
Chief Creation Officer: Francesca Zazzera
Head of Video Production: Anna Sica
Senior TV Producer: Antonella Capella
Art Buyer: Caterina Collesano, Rossana Coruzzi
Production and Print Manager: Daniela Inglieri, Tina Paolella

Director: Philippe André
Dop: David Foulkes
Executive Producer: Luca Orlando
Head of Production: Francesco Narducci
Line Producer: Liza Fisher
Stylist: Diamante Cavalli
Set designer: Drogo Michie
Food Stylist: Francesca Alberoni

Tex s.r.l.
Post Production Supervisor: Nicola Scarpinato
Editor: White House Adam Rudd, Fabrizio Squeo
Flame Artist: Davide Maccagni
Colorist: Emiliano Serrantoni e Daniel Pallucca

Title: Flower Duet
Author: Lakmé di Léo Delibes
Master: Dame Joan Sutherland and Jane Berbiè
Music Company: Decca Music (Universal)
Publisher: Universal

Mix: Screenplay


Houdini, Redshift, Flame