Commercials - VFX

Asda - Have your Elf a merry Christmas



In order to seamlessly integrate classic footage into an all-new production, Framestore relied on meticulous planning and deft-touch VFX techniques. Having skilfully rotoscoped Buddy out of the original film, the team helped fit an entire new world around him that was faithful down to the last eye-line, shadow and cast interaction. Intricate match grading then provided the final festive touch, bringing our modern world closer to the look, feel and spirit of the beloved original film.


VFX: Framestore
Creative Director: Kamen Markov
VFX Supervisor: Jules Janaud
Compositing Supervisor: Ben Taylor
Compositing: Kamen Markov, Ben Taylor, Sam Meisels, Alice Locuratolo, Ewelina Freuer, Jack Neale, Alessio Perico, Julia Caram Wolters, Lindsey Lo Presti, Simon Stoney & Joan Marques
DMP: Cedric Profjit, Henry South
Flame: Paul O'Brien
CG: Adam Smith & Victoria Stuart
Layout; Micaela Arslanian & Oliver Cordwell
VFX Editorial: Humberto Reynaga & Micah McLeod
Paint/Roto: Basim Kadhim
Head of Advertising: Helen Weil
Executive Producer: Anna MacDonald
VFX Coordinators: Robyn Goncalves-Borrageiro, Chloe Dunn & Poppy Chadwick
Production Assistant: Bryony Murray
Data Services: Nick Rafferty, Ed Brown, Oluwaseun Adeleye & Asher Hunt
Lidar Scanning: Framestore Pre-Production Services
Production Manager (FPS): Noah Ensus
Technical Director (FPS): Harsh Baburajan

Brand: ASDA
Senior Director, Brand Communications & Marketing: Stephi Brett-Lee
Head of Campaigns: Rebecca Holmes
Campaign Manager: Amy Kennedy
Production Manager: Claire Ibbotson
Creative Agency: Havas London
Chief Creative Officer: Vicki Maguire
Chief Client Officer: James Fox
Creative Director: Dan Cole, Andy Garnett
Associate Creative Director: Rob Greaves, Sam Daly
Head of Production: Katie Keith
Head of Film: Louise Bonnar
Production Lead: Olivia Riddle
Senior Producer: Adam Henderson, Barney Ferguson
Producer: Rhy Hogan
Assistant Producer: Ella Myerscough-McClymont
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Executive Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Producer: Amy Appleton
DOP: Ben Smithard
Grade: Company3
Colourist: Steffan Perry
Colour Assist: Adam Stannard, Alex O'Brien & Santino Napolitano
Executive Producer: Ellora Soret
Previs: The Third Floor
Managing Director (TTF): Marcus Alexander
Visualisation Supervisor (TTF): Andrew McCully
Line Producer (TTF): Helen Langley
Previs Co-ordinator (TTF): Anja Woller
Editor: Eve Ashwell @ The Assembly Rooms
Sound: Sam Ashwell @ 750