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Westfield Wherever



The campaign ‘Wherever You Are’, makes the products on offer through Westfield come to life and make the journey to their new homes, highlighting the convenience of Westfield Direct. This delightfully whimsical film sees clothes fly off mannequins, toys awaken from their slumber and crockery soar through the air, before taking the skyward journey to their new homes across Australia. Our team worked with cloth simulations, 3D character animations, FX and detailed compositing to marry the CG world with the live action plates. This campaign visually demonstrates the efficiency of Westfield Direct, which extends the in-centre experience by enabling customers to purchase from multiple retailers in one online transaction, giving you access to trusted brands from all over Australia. It’s a convenient new way to shop with Westfield, any time, wherever you are.


Head of Animation: Chris Rentoul (Alt.VFX)Animator: Kerrie Moss (Alt.VFX)Animator: Ben Beaumont (Alt.VFX)

VFX Supervisor/Online: Jesse Meha (Alt.VFX)CG Supervisor: Jordan McInnes (Alt.VFX)Director: Tim Main (Revolver)Producer: Serena Paull (Revolver)Producer: Martina Joison (Alt.VFX)VFX Production Manager: Jayce Attewall (Alt.VFX)Production assistant: Carly Rosenberg (Alt.VFX)Executive Creative Director: Penny Buck (Revolver)Executive Agency Director (Sibling)Modeller: Sam Lee (Alt.VFX)Modeller: Mitchell Robinson (Alt.VFX)Modeller: Michael Cox (Alt.VFX)Rigger: Conor Goodchild (Alt.VFX)Colourist: Clement Bouchet (Alt.VFX)Lighter: David Chen (Alt.VFX)Head of Lighting: Jamie White (Alt.VFX)Lead Compositor: Matt Chance (Alt.VFX)