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Warframe - Ascension Day

Passion Paris Production


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For the release of Styanax, the 50th ‘Warframe’ of the eponymous game, Digital Extremes tasked Passion Paris, to produce an ambitious, traditionally 2D animated film directed by David Pagaille. His vision, a colorful and evolving graphic approach, with the aim to have the colors and atmosphere of the film evolve as emotions progress within the story. This feat is a success, showcasing a palette of colors and ambiances that constantly adapt to the evolving storyline, like a mirror reflecting the protagonists’ emotions!

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Layout: David Pagaille, Léni Marotte, Solène Michel & Charline Lemoal
Animation Supervisor: Léni Marotte
Animators: David Pagaille, Léni Marotte, Théo Tran Ngoc, Solène Michel, Pierre Watteyne, Carlo Toselli, Léonard Bismuth & Charline Lemoal
FX Animation Supervisor: Ines ScheiberFX Animators: Ines Scheiber, Oscar Cotte, Husain Untoro, Solal Girardin & Chhay-Tek Ung
Clean / Light Assistants: Rosalie Perrot, Chhay-Tek Ung, Solal Girardin, Zoé Partouche-Pluchon, Eva Lagrange-Baron & Chloé Viala
Colorisation Supervision: Rosalie Perrot & Chhay-Tek Ung
Colorists: Matis Inserra, Nell Lambert & Sophie Tisseyre

Production: Passion Paris Production
Director: David Pagaille
Executive Producer: Andrew Caulcutt & Marc Bodin-Joyeux
Line-Producer: Chamseddine Kaddouri
Assistant Director: Chamseddine Kaddouri
Art Direction & Illustration: David Pagaille
Storyboard, Animatic & Edit: David Pagaille
Character Design: David Pagaille
Background: David Pagaille, Corentin Régnès, Umeshu Lovers: Justine Chalieux, Camille Boulestin, Juliette Buttigieg, Juliana Mackowiak, Sylvain Sarrailh, Armance De Bonis & Jennifer Mati
CG Background & Props: Vox-A studio : Hugo Braillon, Thibault Diguet & David Pagaille
Compositing SupervisorThomas Ricquier
Compositing Artists: Victoria Jardine, Noé Giuliani, Mathieu Bétard, Chloé Viala & David Pagaille
Grading Artist: Maxime MoureyPost-producer: Camille Gérard
Post-production: Nightshift ParisS
ound Production: Badje Studio
Sound Supervisor: Emmanuel Rebaudengo
Sound Designers: Célia Sayaphoum & Nicolas Besse
Music: Antoine Duchène

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