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Visit Qatar - Experience the World Beyond

The Mill Paris

Visit Qatar has launched a global campaign titled ‘Experience a World Beyond’. The campaign is a stylish invitation to the peninsula and features an astounding 14 films.

The main spot features a group of ragtag keychain characters, all of which were designed and crafted by our Paris Studio. When crafting the group the team needed to ensure that each character’s unique personality traits were being reflected, while also still using them as a vessel to demonstrate the activities Qatar has to offer – Mei showcased romantic activities while Tunku showcased the cultural and artistic aspects of Qatari life.

Our artists designed the keychains from the ground up starting with 2D drawings before moving very quickly to full CGI renders. The idea was to create photo-real mascots while giving them the ability to emote human expressions. The characters had to be beautiful and endearing because the final ambition was to market the keychains for real. The animators acted out the various reactions and actions to help bring the characters to life, giving them a strong emotional connection with the audience.