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Virgin Media Ireland - Unleash your Play



The idea for the ad is there are a bunch of action figures that represent people whose lives have become mundane who break free from their packages and learn to play and have fun with the help of Virgin Media.Our job was to create the animated figurines along with the packaging they break from as well as other objects they interact with over the course of the ad.Every single shot featured the CG toys in some capacity as well as different assets that they would be interacting with, often resulting in a mixture of in-camera footage and CG props for the toys to play with.


Rory Merchant
Henry Fenwick
Tatiana Bertrand

Creative Director:Jason Watts
Post Producer:Laura Ricketts
Head of CG/CG Lead:Harin Hirani
Lead Nuke:Rob Sheridan
Flame:Andy Copping
Grade:Marty McMullan
3D Artists:Jansen McCord, Oliver Ward, Gael Bourdeu, Daniel Evans, Curtis Hardy, Kyra Nate-Collen, Ilaria Colavito, Chengyang Jiang
2D Artists:Razvan Dit, Qian Han, Jeanette Monero, Leo Meggle
FX:Fadjr Mehiris