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Sportsbet Promo Campaign 2021

Cadre Pictures


We love our sport at CADRE PICTURES so when Sportsbet asked us to play with them we couldn’t wait to kick-off! The original brief was to create an attention grabbing campaign, that would be brave and disruptive in the category. The campaign would involve at least 12 months of commercials, so creative would need to withhold viewer interest and be adaptable to different messaging. The 3D assets would also need to be efficiently re-used across multiple sports while still feeling fresh & distinctive and the animation feel authentic to each sporting code.Our team envisioned this concept as a chance to show over the top, fun and exciting moments from people’s favourite sports in ways they can’t usually enjoy.

It is about taking those split second actions that can completely turn a game around and showing them off in ways that aren’t too serious or self important. It is all about: the moment, the emotion, the reaction! One of the main challenges was the short amount of character animation in each TVC, just 5-6 seconds. Not long to tell a story, so we had to be efficient – picking the right moment to commence the action so the audience would instantly recognise the game situation, feel connected and not disorientated. We also had to hit some key client markers, like a slow motion section, so staging and editing became vital and one of the most time consuming aspects.

Once an animatic was signed off the visuals were more straight forward.Starting with touches like Depth of Field, to give it a high end filmic look as well as help keep us focused on what matters, the amazing athletes and moments. Lens choices that maximise visual interest. A wider lens to give us the sense of how big the stadium we are playing in actually is, or a more macro style lens for a close up. Lighting that makes the characters stand out and highlight their physical characteristics. A lens with curvature, once again invoking a more warm film look and avoiding the more sterile CGI look of perfect straight lines. This would also make the character and environments look more dynamic.For the outset we needed to address how to make the characters unique. And this came down to how certain parts of the body are oversized versus others being scaled down, little tweaks to create a look Sportsbet can own. We also explored ways to roughen the players up visually.

Tape, tattoos, dirt on the uniforms, visual cues to make the work look mature and reinforce the demographic we are aiming to attract. With the character performance our team paid extra attention to weight, how players shift and move. Across the sporting codes we covered a broad range of player types, each needing their own specific animation characteristics. Like an athletic NRL winger with a great natural spring in his step and ability to fly high would move differently to a large square jawed muscular forward, or to a small, speedy, crafty forward pocket who is a bit of a showman. The subtle nuances would be noticed by the sport savvy target audience.

With the relatively short screen time we decided the characters would have exaggerated movements and speed, covering a larger amount of distance than what you would see in real life. Characters were also designed to allow us to push and exaggerate expressions, to imbue emotion and very quickly communicate the essence of the moment.Pipeline and the many custom tools we have created over the years is a huge part of how Cadre are able to turn jobs around quickly and retain high levels of quality.

Once the initial 3D assets were created for Sportsbet we may have 1-2 weeks to turnaround the next TVC, sometimes 24 hours for ads with different teams. The campaign has proved highly successful for Sportsbet, and new commercials are being developed throughout 2022 by the Cadre team.To see more of CADRE’s work visit: instagram.com/cadrepictures orcadrepictures.com.au


CGI by Cadre PicturesVFX Producer: Steven KerswellCreative Director: Pat da CunhaSurfacing & Lighting Lead: Alan DoTechnical Director: Ben BryanModelling: Eoin CannonLead Animator: Brian DoeckeAnimator: Rhys Davy3D Generalists: Ben Weller, Nathan Juno, Dan Rodgers, Ash Millott, Kevin Russell, Savva TsekmesCharacter Designer: Kate MoonConcept Artist: Rhys Griffiths

Client: Sportsbet2D Motion Design: Sportsbet