Small coin, big impact

Dog Ear Films


This is an animation for McDonaldHouse Charities Germany, a nonprofit family & children's charity famous for the little donationen houses seen on every Mcdonald's counter.The animation tells in a warm and lively Art style the story that just a little coin can help sick children to have their families near them, especially on christmas.Nice little fact: The drawings in the picture frames where actually made by some of the little patients.Main Tool for this was Houdini, especially the KineFX nodeset for blending MoCap with traditional animation, and for the many small simulations like the fire or popping up cookies.


Martha SandsAlyssa MullanMiles MazzocatoAmy ChenJolynne SournAlek MarkovskiHansel Ajuyah

Director: Hansel AjuyahProducer: Hansel AjuyahMusician: Joseph NguyenSound Designer: Joseph NguyenSound Mixer: Joseph NguyenCompositor: Hansel AjuyahClean up Artist: Kerl GalindoHansel AjuyahColourists: Liana DuongHansel AjuyahStoryteller: James HartleyBackground Artist: Hansel AjuyahCinematographer: John Janson-MooreActors: Theo DahlstromNathaniel LymVi-An NguyenKerl GalindoKaren LeJulia van Oppen


Houdini, OCtane, zBrush and Nuke